Selamat datang di website live draw togel hongkong pools 6d resmi terpercaya yang menyediakan data hasil keluaran angka hk pools hkpools hongkong pools live draw tercepat live draw hk result hk lengkap result hongkong hari ini result hongkong asli keluaran hk paito hk 6d. 2672 5833 8708 4821 0112 2173 8982 5020 4757 6115 3691 8200 9159 7445 0681 2028 1938 7320 5579 3610 0611 data result pasaran hongkong tahun 2022. 3 global talent independent category commenced 4 november 2019.

Hongkong sydney cambodia china taiwan bca bni bri mandiri danamon min depo 10rb crown togel singapore hongkong sydney cambodia. Malignant neoplasms icd10 c00c97 2. Ej insight reports hong kongs institute of big data governance has established the worlds first big data governance principles and an independent evaluation system for businesses and society.

2018 series hong kong banknotes coin cart schedule. In june 2018, xiaomi became a public company via an initial public offering on the hong kong stock exchange, raising $4.

In june 2018, xiaomi became a public company via an initial public

The hong kong stock exchange hkex was the world’s top ipo fundraising market in 2018, for the sixth time in the last ten years.

Weather information for astronomical observation. Implementation of waste disposal plan. The luxury goods market in hong kong is projected to grow by 2.

People aged 75 or above will increase considerably from 0. There are 3 kinds of spatial data file format. This statistic displays the internet penetration rate in hong kong from 2018 to 2022 with projections up to 2027.

This statistic displays the internet penetration rate in hong kong from 2018 to 2022 with projections up to 2027.

Keluaran tercepat di indonesia hanya ada. 1 the skilled regional category closed to new applications from 1 july 2019. 05% 20232028 resulting in a market volume of us$15.

05% 20232028 resulting in a market volume of us$15.

On 7 august 2018, xiaomi announced that holitech technology co. Com semua hasil tahun result hk 2020 result hk 2019 result hk. The date of annual examination for this private company limited is between jun 11 and jul 22 upon the anniversary of incorporation.

Investigating the district breakdown, the picture is.

Investigating the district breakdown, the picture

4509 8730 4851 3204 0677 6292 5448. Data hongkong 2020 sd 2022 bisa sobat pergunakan untuk mencari angka tarikan paito hk terbaik untuk dibeli nantinya.

Data hongkong 2020 sd 2022 bisa sobat pergunakan untuk mencari angka tarikan paito hk terbaik untuk dibeli nantinya.

Typhoon mangkhut, which hit hong kong in september 2018, resulted in extensive damage to the city, and subsequently generated. Data pengeluaran togel hongkong 2018. Ti lung, johnson lee, andrew lam, chin siu.

Ti lung, johnson lee, andrew lam, chin siu.

The hospitality industry in hong kong has recorded steady growth with the growing number of tourists from all over the world despite the uncertainty over the uschina trade war and brexit.

The hospitality industry in hong kong has recorded steady growth with

Data togel hongkong 2018 data hongkong 2018 senin selasa rabu kamis jumat sabtu minggu 2672 5833 8708 4821 0112 2173 8982 5020 4757 6115 3691 8200 9159 7445 0681 2028 1938 7320 5579 3610 0611 4201 5650 0608 8476 9156…. Record revenues reported in jansept 2018, of $12,296 million, up 27 per cent.

Record revenues reported in jansept 2018, of $12,296 million, up 27 per cent.

Tabel angka pengeluaran sidney, nomor paito sdy 2019 sampai 2023, live draw sd terbaru. Nomor togel yg keluar tahun 2015. All the data, charts, and insights you need to understand internet, social media, mobile, and ecommerce use in hong kong in january 2018.

All the data, charts, and insights you need to understand internet, social media, mobile, and ecommerce use in hong kong in january 2018.

Uptodate information is vital to business planning. Visitor arrivals in hong kong from australia, new. The following table shows the size of permanent migration from hong kong by migration category.

The following table shows the size of permanent migration from hong kong by migration category.

Hong kong tourism statistics for 2019 was 32,697,000,000. International comparison program & purchasing power parity.

International comparison program & purchasing power

Data sgp 201920202021 daftar sgp totojitu daftar sgp sahabat4d nomor togelers info sgp 2016 sampai 2018 hasil sgp 2001 sampai 2019 2020 dan paito warna.

Hong kong gdp for 2019 was $363. 91 million, reflecting the impact of. Data hk halaman ini bisa anda pergunakan dalam melihat keluaran hk, rekap hk, tarikan paito hongkong, dan pengeluaran togel hongkong setiap harinya dengan mudah dan tercepat hasil pengeluaran hk malam ini.

Pdf hong kong 2018 municipal solid waste at a glance pdf monitoring of solid waste in hong kong 2017 pdf hong kong 2017 municipal solid waste at a glance pdf monitoring of solid waste in hong kong 2016 pdf hong kong 2016 municipal solid waste at a glance. Trust fund for statistical capacity building. 1 million in 2018 which was 11.

According to the ordinance, a person who, either alone or jointly or in common with other persons, controls the collection, holding, processing or use of the data. Hong kong tourism statistics for 2018 was, a 10. This statistic illustrates the average hotel room rate in hong kong in december 2018 and.

Loans and advances for use in hong kong by economic sector authorized institutions. Entering2020, the coronavirus disease2019. Time, direction and elevation of sun transit.

Zobacz i kup nike air force 1 b „hong kong 2018. I use advanced analysis methods to solve tough problems in the chemical industry, business and other areas. Its company registration number is 2707702.

Hasil pengeluaran result hk 6d 2018 hingga paito hk 6 digit dan data hk 6 digit 2020 sd 2022. , xiaomis top supplier, would invest up to $200 million over the next three years to set up a major new plant in india. Average hotel room rate in hong kong 20182021, by tariff level.

Angka keluar hk dari tahun 2016 mencakupi data paito 2016 live result togel hkg lengkap dapat di akses dengan gampang. , limited was incorporated on 11jun2018 as a private company limited by shares registered in hong kong. Economic & financial data for hong kong.

1 installation of cameras in classrooms. Data hk versi 6d hongkongpools live draw hk pools. Data hk rekapan data hk sejak 2020 2023 update result hk data hk adalah salah satu data yang sangat penting bagi siapapun yang ingin meracik hasil angka togel untuk pasaran.

The average daily turnover of etfs for the first seven months of 2023 was $12. Population ages 65 and above, total hong kong sar, china from the world bank data. Hkex provides a wide range of historical data products on hong kongs securities and derivatives markets generated from its own trading systems to meet market needs.

Discover further statistics and data on hong kong now on statista. The amendment bill, relating to the regulation of the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes, was passed by the legislative council j. In 2015, hong kong’s per capita water resources were 133 m 3, while in mainland china it was 2039.

Overall, the average daily quantity of solid waste disposed of at landfills was 16 096 tonnes in 2018. Directly accessible data for 170 industries from 150+ countries and over 1 mio. On janu, a british naval party landed and raised the british flag on the northern shore of hong kong, a small island located in the pearl river delta in southern china.

Data pengeluaran togel hongkong 2016 4d. In contrast, the share of population aged 1864 will decline remarkably from 67. In december 2022, the government announced that the annual quota of the scheme would be suspended for a.

Hong kong consumer spending for 2022 was $240. With effect from 28 august 2018, applicants who meet the requirements of the talent list will be awarded 30 bonus points under the general points test after assessment. Snin slsa rabu kmis jmat sbtu mggu.

A centrallylocated venue at the heart of hong kong financial hub, the hkex connect hall is an iconic venue for hong kong’s financial community. Data keluaran togel hongkong 2020 senin rabu kamis sabtu minggu 8234 3902 3229 6331 6481 8853 8585 5796 6152 1681 7073 6734 9055 8933. Dengan data hongkong bisa memudahkan bagi para pemain togel hk untuk mencari rumus atau pola angka hk atau nomor jitu agar bisa tembus togel 2d, 3d, 4d ataupun 6d.

Number of immigrants from hong kong living abroad in 2017, by country of destination in 1,000. Operated by the mtr corporation limited mtrcl, it consists of heavy rail, light. This statistic shows the annual number of user data requests to ict companies by hong kong government from 2011 to 2017.

Year 2018 is a nonleap year, with 365 days. Procurement principles & process. The total number of tourist arrivals to hong kong rose to a record high of 65.

Silahkan lihat data keluaran hk 4d dibawah ini untuk hasil result hk hongkong tahun lalu, data hk lengkap untuk rumus pembahasan angka togel anda saat ini. Percent, annual, not seasonally adjusted 1996 to 2017 20191021. 2018, tercepat 2019 – 2020 – 2023.

Data centre world, hong kong 2018. Related post prediksi hk top terbaik prediksi hk tgl 6 april 2020 prediksi hongkong mlm ini wajib keluar prediksi mbah ompong prediksi hk syair gucci mas prediksi macau keluaran angka jitu prediksi hk pools prediksi macau terakurat prediksi koran sentana hk malam ini prediksi hk petruk malam ini. Xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx 9120 9270.

Data hk halaman ini bisa anda pergunakan dalam melihat. 4 data has been perturbed to protect the. Sekian data pengeluaran hk 2018 2019 malam hari ini bisa bermamfaat untuk.

5% of hong kong’s gdp and employed around 257 000 persons, accounting for about 6. Intentional homicides per 100,000 people central government debt, total % of gdp central government debt, total % of gdp statistical performance indicators. 0 kb last updated 08 august 2023 api.

This page is regularly updated at about 700pm on each business day of hong kong. Interesting astronomical phenomena. 91 million in 2019, reversing the growth of 11.

223% average based on available data eg, country oecd membership status of the specified year ie, 1990 or 2018. In theatres 4 october 2018 31 32 rhapsody of kidnapping. Sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and reproducers, and parts and accessories of such articles.

Learn more about studying at city university of hong kong including how it performs in tackling challenging issues in data science. This report examines the mortality we decided to name this new mortality table as hong kong assured life mortality 2018 hka18. 6 facial recognition checkpoints at ports of entry.

Data hk keluaran hongkong pools 2018. Find the most recent research and statistics to keep pace with new developments of hong kongs. Number of restaurant licences in hong kong.

In theatres 18 january 2018 33 staycation. 2018 land utilization in hong kong statistics traditional chinese version csv details download select item. Mantémte um passo à frente dos mais recentes lançamentos e novidades de sapatilhas.

Tag data keluaran togel hongkong dibawah ini adalah kumpulan togel online terbaik dan terpercaya yang kami rekomendasikan untuk anda, silahkan daftar dgn cara klick nama togel online di bawah ini. Quarterly gdp growth rate in hong kong q1 2020q1 2023. In addition, a number of largescale data breach incidents took place both in hong kong and international arena, indicating that enhancing data security has now become a pressing task for organisations.

Free and open company data on hong kong company waf limited company number 2746223 changes to our website — to find out why access to some data now requires a login 5 apr 2018 waf house limited hong kong, 9 aug 2018 waf technologies limited united kingdom, 23 sep 2020. International household survey network ihsn quarterly external debt statistics. Welcome data hk 6d live draw pools 6, data hk yang baru, data hk 2020 dan terpercaya bersumber dari data 3d hk.

This statistic shows a breakdown of the hong kong population by language, based on the latest available census data from 2016. Hong kong government gross debt from 2018 to 2028 in billion u. Data hk mulai tahun 201720182019202020212023 result hongkong 2017 senin selasa rabu kamis jumat sabtu minggu 8823 0511 8025 7208 3069 6576 9232 4978 5725 0734 3771 7560 3406 kata kunci terkait tentang data keluaran togel hongkong 2023 data keluaran togel hongkong 2024 live setiap.

More information on hong kong food import regulations, please refer to gain report hk1751. 91million, reflecting the impact of the local social incidents. Version is the 1993 sna, which was previously adopted by hong kong in the compilation of gdp statistics.

063% yield last update 22 aug 2023 1115 gmt+0. Foreign direct investment in hong kong stood at $82. Nomor pengeluaran hongkong 201620172018201920202021 live data hk totobet keluaran hongkong pools tercepat result hkg 2021 hasil live draw hongkong.

Hong kong consumer spending for 2021 was $239. Public concerns about data governance were also significantly heightened. Number of real estate development projects in hong kong 20182021, by type.

In 2018, the mainland continued to be our largest visitor source market, accounting for 78% of our total arrival, and the figure was 14. 2 the regional migration category commenced 1 july 2019. Circa 2018 there were about 2,000 people of african origins with about 8001,000 in yuen long.

Data pengeluaran hongkong 2018 sampai data hongkong. Hong kong tourism statistics for 2017 was, a 0. Hours ago hasil rekap data hongkong hari ini 6 digit data hk 6d pools result data hk 4d.

In 2018, hong kong exported $94. The new smart identity card has improved in its durability, security features as well as the chip technology and protection of personal data. Station line is represented location of atc station crossing road centreline.

Data pengeluaran hongkong 2022, data hk 2022, keluaran hk terlengkap, live draw hk klik daftar disini sayank klik daftar disini sayank all energy consumption by enduses in residential segments housing authority subsidized sale flats segment. The top services exported by hong kong in 2018 were travel $36. By adding days to the year the seasons stay in step with the months for each year.

To view the evolution of the gdp per capita, it is interesting to look back a few years and compare these data with those of 2008 when the gdp per capita in hong kong was €21,412 $31,488. Christine ng, justin cheung, eric kwok, jennifer yu, alycia chan. 7+ paito sydney 6d paito may 02.

The land utilization in hong kong luhk data is compiled using the updated satellite images, inhouse survey information of the planning department, and other relevant information from various government departments. 1 according to john carroll, on 26 january 1841, the commander of the british expeditionary force took formal possession of the island in the name of. This table lists the meteorological data summaries published by the hong kong observatory.

Cwekey288 menyediakan paito togel, data togel, buku mimpierek erek & live draw togel terlengkap dan terakurat di indonesia. Free and open company data on hong kong company sanasia shipping corporation limited company number 2714370 changes to our website — to find out why access to some data now requires a login 20180626 incorporated. Total tourism expenditure associated to inbound tourism.

Lanciata nel 1982, air force 1 ha. We hope that this new mortality table could serve as an. Breakdown of population aged 15 and above in hong kong 20122022, by gender.

Togel data hk, urutan data hk, video data hk 2018 sampai 2023. Hong kong consumer spending for 2020 was $228. 0 trillion at the end of july 2023, an increase of 6 per cent from $33.

Data sydney – data sdy terbaru – keluaran sidney, hasil result pengeluaran sydney mulai tahun 2019, 2020, 2021 dan 2023 di rangkum secara lengkap dan tercepat. This is the australian dollar aud to hong kong dollar hkd exchange rate history data page for the year of 2018, covering 365 days of aud hkd historical data. International monetary fund, international financial statistics and data files.

Data hongkong togel hongkong hk pools prediksitogel55 com. Offer of local employment before taking up residence in hong kong. Population ageing in hong kong about one third of the population will be elders aged 65 or above in 2038.

Explora e compra as nike air force 1 b hong kong 2018. Between 20152021, the population density in hong kong was highest in the year 2020. Traffic flow census data in hong kong.

Acknowledgement should be made in reproducing in any manner in whole or showed the following changes as compared with that of 2018 general there were 794 366 vehicles licensed in hong kong at the end of 2019, representing an increase of 1. 0837 4893 9620 3196 4207 7863 8823 data hk 2018 sampai 2020. 27% when compared with the corresponding figure in 2018.

Date of last update 17 aug 2023. Monitoring of solid waste in hong kong. Disponibile il giorno 108 alle ore 700.

In 2019, total visitor arrivals declined by 14. Among the total, overnight and sameday arrivals plummeted by 18. This page is updated on the day that the data are released.

Smart city blueprint released in december 2017 by the government of hong kong, hong kong strives to become a worldrenowned smart city by adopting measures such as electronic identity, an intelligent transport system and bigdata analytics platform, the functioning of which requires. Hong kong consumer spending for 2019 was $251. As of 2018, the most notable surveillance mechanisms were mass camera surveillance on the streets, internet surveillance, and newly invented surveillance.

Economic data series with tags hong kong, gdp. Data hk 2018 data sgp 2018 data hk 2017 data sgp 2017 data hk 2016 data sgp 2016 data hk 2015 data sgp 2015 data hk 2014. 5 suspension of data requests from hong kong police.

Find the latest trade statistics and economic complexity data for hong kong. Other highlights have included the opening of the hkex innovation lab, new rules that support the listing of more, and more varied companies in hong kong, and exciting and sustainable momentum in derivatives trading. This statistic shows a breakdown of the hong kong population aged 15 and above.

Exports structure from hong kong in 2022 represented by the following main commodity groups 60% 370 billion us$ 85 electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof. Otrzymuj informacje o premierach najnowszych modeli butów i dostawach szybciej niż inni. In addition, if the convertibility.

With continued economic growth, the hong kong government maintained its forecast for hong kong’s real gdp growth at 34 percent4 in 2018. 29 november – data leakage at credit reporting agency transunion is reported. The reason for the leap year is to reconcile the earths orbit around the sun.

List of ranking is based on the number of deaths in 2022. The framework incorporates references to global standards, including the eu general data protection regula. Monthly inbound tourist visits to the uk 20182022.

Im a chemical engineer skilled in data analytics advanced training courses in 2023 yandex llc. Dan dibawah ini juga telah kami sediakan data hk dan pengeluaran togel hk untuk anda semua yang sedang mencari result hk dan hongkong prize. Singapore tech news march 2020 edition.

Live draw hongkong pools, hkg live draw malam ini, live data hk pools tercepat. 4% more than the total arrivals it recorded in 2017. On a yearonyear basis, the population density decreased by 1.

2 percent of hong kongs population were. The hong kong 10 years government bond has a 4. The hong kong identity card, which does not state that right starting from 26 november 2018, a new form of smart identity card has been issued to replace the existing smart identity card.

Date and time of the moon phases. 15+ data hk 4d tahun 2020 mar 18. Chungking mansions is another area.

The average daily turnover in july 2023 and for the first seven months of 2023 was $102. Methods this was a retrospective cohort study including all adults admitted to publicly. Daily monetary statistics monthly statistical bulletin economic & financial data for hong kong cmu bond price bulletin.

Hong kong international airport civil international air transport movements of aircraft, passenger and freight 1998 onward. Meanwhile, hong kong residents who had left hong. March – the march 2018 hong kong byelections takes place for vacancies resulting from the disqualification of legislative councillors over the 2016 oathtaking controversy.

Source hong kong tourism board. The gdp per capita of hong kong in 2018 was €40,889 $48,310, €132 $2,284 higher than in 2017, it was €40,757 $46,026. Itulah info data hk 2015 paito pengeluaran hongkong selama 1 tahun penuh.

The apparent right ascension and apparent declination of the sun. The mass transit railway mtr is a major public transport network serving hong kong. Traffic flow census data for year 2018 is released in the latest version of spatial data format.

Merchandise trade summary statistics data for hong kong, china hkg including exports and imports, applied tariffs, top export and import by partner countries and top exportedimported product groups, along with development indicators from wdi such as gdp, gni per capita, trade balance and trade as percentage of gdp for year 2018. Overnight visitor per capita spending. 5 2018 gross domestic product census and statistics department, hong kong special administrative region.

In the first quarter of 2023, the real gross domestic product gdp of hong kong increased by 2. In 2017, the hong kong government. International tourism receipts are expenditures by international inbound visitors, including payments to national carriers for international transport.

Average monthly mobile data usage per mobile broadband subscription in hong kong from december 2018 to november 2022 in megabytes. The 2008 sna is intended for use by all economies in the world for the compilation of gdp statistics. Therefore, figures before 2001 have been put down in a separate table.

New resource data station line and road centerline are newly added for the year. Data from who global health observatory, oecd data, hong kong sar thematic household survey report, hong kong council on smoking and health, and singstat. Bila nomor belum berubah atau di perbaharui silahkan reload web ini di browser anda.

Perlu diketahui bahwa data keluaran hk 2018 yang kami sajikan merupakan hasil pengeluaran togel hongkong yang terpercaya dan. The latest prior leap year occurred in 2016 and the next will be in 2020. Semoga bisa membantu anda untuk bisa tembus togel hari ini.

Chemical waste treatment centre. The following census data is available for hong kong between the years 1841–2011. Hong kong is an important tourist hub in asia, and.

Nomor keluaran togel hongkong kami sediakan untuk seluruh pengunjung dan pembaca setia pak tuntung dan kami berikan secara cumacuma. 2022 data terlengkap tahun 2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022 untuk para pecinta togel update setiap hari. Fred download, graph, and track economic data.

Overall visitor arrivals dropped by 14. In 2022, the total retail sales value in hong kong grew to approximately 350billion hong kong dollars, down from about 353 billion hong kong dollars in the previous year. Hence, the supply of water from dongjiang in mainland china was started in 1965, and these supplies now account for about 74% of the total water supply.

5 million us$35,580 million, the highest amount since 2010. Basic statistic monthly market share of safari in mobile browsers in hong kong 20182023. Hong kong tourism statistics for 2018 was 42,313,000,000.

Government bond historical data. Improving statistical capacity. According to market statistics published by hkex for the period from 1 january 2018 to 14 december 2018, hong kong ipos raised hk$277,848.

The local social incidents in 2019 have taken a heavy toll on hong kong’s tourism industry. Hong kong tourism statistics for 2017 was 38,170,000,000. Toto sgp 2020 to 2021 issue data hk sahabat4d – italy my like tanggal sydney 2015 to 2020 – noi campani ariano 18 agustus 2021 data hk 6h 2004 to 2020 undefinedapi.

Credit reports of highprofile figures were obtained easily due to inadequate. Office of the communications authority. Snin slsa rabu kmis jmat sbtu mggu 2672 5833 8708 4821 0112 2173 8982 5020 4757 6115 3691 8200 9159 7445.

Date and time of the 24 solar terms. This statistic presents the social networking reach in hong kong from 2018 to 2022, with projections up to 2027. Senin selasa rabu kamis jumat sabtu minggu.

It based on data collected from seventeen hong kong life insurance companies that represent the majority of industry from business volume perspective. 2 billion that year, according to u. Berikut ini adalah nomor keluaran hongkong 2023 yang dimulai dari tahun 201820192020202120222023 sampai dengan sekarang tahun 2023.

Tabel output data 201820192020 hong kong hk prize draw series 2021 pembaruan data hk pools 2019 hingga 2021 live daily. Smartphone market share in hong kong 20182023, by vendor. 7 percent of the population in hong kong used.

Rekap keluaran togel hongkong terbaru, result togel hk malam ini tercepat, data paito hongkong pools 2018 sd 2022. Water scarcity is a big problem in hong kong. Daily weather chart the past 2 years 1934 onwards.

Financial, corporate & strategic highlights. Background sepsis surveillance using electronic health record ehrbased data may provide more accurate epidemiologic estimates than administrative data, but experience with this approach to estimate populationlevel sepsis burden is lacking. Corporate grouping user contributed.

Data hongkong 20182022 pada hari ini kami update secara cepat, tepat, dan akurat tepat jam live draw hk malam ini. Regarding msw, the average daily quantity of disposal at landfills was 11 428 tonnes in 2018. Graph browser › data commons about data commons blog data sources feedback frequently asked questions.

In 2011, hong kong had a population of just over 7 million, with a density of approximately 6,300 people per square kilometer. 20180927 credit to government and stateowned enterprises to gdp for hong kong sar, china. 5 kb last updated 08 august 2023 api.

In 2019, total visitor arrivals declinedby 14. 9 trillion at the end of june 2023. Hong kong 10 years bond historical data.

Hong kong institute for clean energy provides a vibrant platform to integrate diverse background professionals working in clean energy to train nextgeneration leaders and 2018 49. Data closest to 1990 used ±3 years and if not. In 2018, it contributed to around 4.

Hong kong recorded per capita gdp of us$46,2003 in 2017, one of the highest in asia. Between 2015 to 2021, the population density of hong kong grew by 1. 57 people per square kilometer in 2021.

Overall, hong kong gained 94 restaurant licences in 2021, which is less than the 415 from 2020. Basic statistic mobile internet users in hong kong 20182027. Im good at gathering, processing, and understanding lots of data to search for new business opportunities and insights and make processes.

Snin slsa rabu kmis jumt sabt mggu 8230 8982 7011 2390 0798 9243 5309 update hasil hk 2018. Data hasil angka keluaran sdy 2019 – 2023 live. About half of the stocks in hong kong’s benchmark index are now oversold as investor sentiment deteriorates amid.

20112018 directly accessible data for 170 industries from 150+ countries and over 1 mio. Number of restaurants in the u. Although the number of oneway permit holders who arrived in hong kong between mid2021 and mid2022 18 300 rebounded somewhat as compared to that in the preceding year 13 900, it was still visibly lower than the prepandemic level 44 400 between mid2018 and mid2019.

The population density reached 7,042.